Visual Assist X

产品介绍:Visual Assist X
Visual Assist X dramatically reduces application development time with key new features and improvements to existing features in Visual Studio, allowing you to:
Develop new code faster with fewer errors.
Quickly understand existing code.
Refactor existing code making it easier to read and cheaper to maintain.
Eliminate time spent searching by allowing instant navigation to any file, symbol or reference.

Visual Assist works seamlessly across all languages in your solution:
☆ C++
☆ C#
☆ VB
☆ JavaScript
☆ VBScript

Visual Assist works in current and legacy versions of Visual Studio:
☆ VS2008
☆ VS2005
☆ VS2003
☆ VS2002
☆ VC6

More than 50 features make Visual Assist X an incredible productivity tool.
VA Outline allows you to navigate, organize and refactor code easily
Acronyms, Suggestions, VA Snippets help you create code faster
Enhanced Error Detection and Correction catches errors before you compile
Refactor easily in ALL languages
Enhanced IntelliSense and Hovering Class Browser help decipher complex code
Navigate easily to any file, method, or symbol
Find References faster in ALL languages
Enhanced Syntax Coloring helps you read code faster
And much more…


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